Here’s Everything We Know About G-Dragon And Jooyeon’s Relationship So Far

Rumors have persisted over the last two years, but here’s what we actually know so far.

Fans first speculated G-Dragon and former After School member Jooyeon may be in a relationship in November of 2016. A series of social media postings hinted the two K-Pop idols went on a special secret date.

Fans believed pictures from G-Dragon’s Weibo and Jooyeon’s Instagram to be from the same time and place. Of course, the speculations remained speculations only.


A whole year later, in October of 2017, dating rumors began circulating again when another set of social media postings became alleged evidence that “proved” G-Dragon and Jooyeon are indeed in a relationship. As soon as some Kwai videos from Jooyeon’s personal Kwai account were leaked, the speculation was rekindled and fans pointed out different pictures that suggested the two idols are together.

These Kwai videos showed G-Dragon and Jooyeon interacting closely with each other, and while it meant no solid proof, fans believed the two to be romantically involved.


Speculations grew wild, with more alleged proofs put together by fans. The two shared several pictures from the same places, leading the fans to connect the dots and suggest that the two idols have been dating for a while.

In a series of photos, G-Dragon and Jooyeon seemed to have been in Hawaii together enjoying an active outdoor date.


At this point, both parties spoke up and denied the news of their relationship to be true. G-Dragon and Jooyeon, and their respective agencies, claimed they are good friends.

“They aren’t dating. The two know each other as colleagues. The photos taken from Hawaii were from an event which they attended with similar acquaintances.” — YG Entertainment

“We heard about the dating rumors between Lee Jooyeon and G-Dragon. It’s hard to confirm anything because it is her private life.” — Better Entertainment

Fans doubted the agencies would have admitted even if the two idols were actually in a relationship. With the official statements claiming otherwise, however, the fans’ speculations remained speculations.


Then on January 1, 2018, as the Korean press Dispatch’s almost traditional New Year’s celebrity couple reveal, a series of pictures showing G-Dragon and Jooyeon on their three-day trip to Jeju Island together.

In these pictures, the two idols were spotted heading to Gimpo Airport at two separate times. G-Dragon first left from Jooyeon’s apartment to Gimpo Airport on his Rolls Royce vehicle.

Jooyeon was later spotted at the same airport.

Once landed in Jeju, Korea, Jooyeon was photographed being greeted and escorted by G-Dragon’s manager at G-Dragon’s private villa.

Though immediately deleted, Jooyeon is said to have posted an Instagram photo while spending time in the villa, which some eagle-eyed fans noticed the artwork in the background to be identical to the one G-Dragon owns.


Since the third scandal, both stars’ agencies responded that they would “look into the news and confirm with the stars”, but have yet given out anything official.


Korean press recalled G-Dragon’s 2016 Radio Star interview as the possible reason for his decision to remain unresponsive. As to why G-Dragon does not react to his dating scandals, he explained that the other party involved would be affected negatively.

“It’s because whoever is involved will have to face more criticism than I do. If anyone that I have dated in the past wanted to go public, I would have said okay.” — G-Dragon


At the beginning of Feburary 2018 though, BIGBANG member Seungri appeared on Knowing Bros and explained on behalf of G-Dragon and Jooyeon that they are not in a relationship.

“Except for Taeyang, none of the BIGBANG members have girlfriends.” — Seungri


At the end of the same month, G-Dragon enlisted in the army to serve his military duty.

Since then, no other news regarding the status of the two’s relationship has been released from either party. Neither G-Dragon nor YG Entertainment mentioned the scandal again.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon continues to serve in the South Korean army.


Jooyeon is still interactive on her Instagram page. Her latest posting shares that she will be in the July edition of Cosmopolitan Korea.

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Jooyeon has been receiving a tremendous amount of hate on her social media postings since her dating rumors with G-Dragon. Regardless, she remains quiet about the scandal.

Source: Sports Donga
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