Here’s Everything We Know About Song Jieun And Sung Hoon’s Relationship So Far

Here is everything you want to know about Sung Hoon and Song Jieun.

On March 7, reports were made that Sung Hoon and Song Jieun were dating and netizens were freaking out over the amazing news.


The two met on the set of My Secret Romance where they played each other’s love interest. Netizens were immediately suspicious of the two since they had such great chemistry on screen.

It would also mean the two had a real-life drama romance!


Additionally, behind the scene footage of the drama showed the two actors teasing and caring for each other.

On top of that, the drama staff also said that the two showed a remarkable and special chemistry together.


In the report that was released in March, the two allegedly started dating after they finished filming the drama. They were also said to have gone on romantic dates together, although no pictures exist of these secret dates.

To make things even more convincing, Song Jieun attended one of Sung Hoon’s fan meetings where she was introduced as his friend.


All of this evidence had netizens convinced that the reports were true and that the two were in fact dating!


Unfortunately for everyone excited about the news, it wasn’t going to last. The following day Sung Hoon’s agency, Stallion Entertainment, made an official announcement that the two were not dating.

“It’s not true. They’re nothing more or less than close friends. They became friends after starring in the same drama. They only meet once in a while and talk, there’s nothing more than that.” — Stallion Entertainment


Song Jieun likewise made her own statement regarding the situation; denying that she had ever been in a romantic relationship with Sung Hoon.

“Hello. I’ve just seen the news and I suspected you would be very surprised. I am sorry, but for the time being, I will have to communicate through Instagram. I met many good people and made many friends through the drama My Secret Romance and I am keeping these relationships even today. Sung Hoon is one of these friends. I also want to clear up the misunderstanding about the reports that say I am discussing a contract with Stallion Entertainment. These reports are false! I also have never revealed my intentions to focus on my acting to anyone. I no longer wish to hurt anyone who is involved with me. I hope many of you don’t misunderstand. I will come with good news soon. To the fans who are worrying, don’t! Have a nice day.” Song Jieun


Even after Stallion Entertainment and Song Jieun had made their own statements, netizens were still a bit skeptical that the two weren’t dating. It wasn’t until Sung Hoon left two comments on Song Jieun’s Instagram post that netizens were finally convinced the two were not dating.

“You wanted to leave SECRET? LOL! You should have told me!” and “Let me know if you want to join Stallion. I’ll talk to the CEO and try to get a special spot for you.” — Sung Hoon


Although the two are apparently not dating, nor have they ever dated, netizens still can’t help but think their relationship would have been very sweet.

Source: Sports Donga and TVreport