Here’s Everything We Know About Suzy And Lee Dong Wook’s Relationship So Far

The love story of this new couple sounds like a drama itself!

Suzy and Lee Dong Wook’s dating rumors had come as a surprise as they have not starred in the same drama or frequently appeared on variety shows together. They apparently met through a private gathering.


Rumors began when they were spotted in Cheongdam-dong enjoying themselves in what seemed like a date. The witness explained that Lee Dong Wook seemed to be very caring towards Suzy and that anyone who saw could tell they were a new couple.


After rumors began spreading, the actors’ agencies stated that the two stars were still getting to know one another and have only seen each other once or twice. In other words, they were in the “some” stage of the relationship.


A close friend confirmed saying that the two were not officially dating when the media broke the news. It wasn’t until after they received attention from the media that they decided to begin dating officially.

“Lee Dong Wook and Suzy weren’t really dating yet so they often hung out in public together, going to cafes and such here and there. I think even if someone took photos of them, it wouldn’t show anything suspicious between the two.

They were surprised by the sudden dating rumors, but they both were interested in each other so I think they decided to calmly confirm the rumors and start dating officially.”

— Close Friend


Suzy had stated in an interview when she was 18 years old that she believes age doesn’t matter when it comes to love and it looks like this still holds true as the two actors have a 13-year gap difference between them!


Netizens, on the other hand, have not been as accepting of their age difference and many were not very supportive about the news.

  • “I’m such a fan of Lee Dong Wook but he’s too much of an ajusshi for Suzy!”
  • “Suzy makes good money and is pretty but still meets a man over 30.”
  • “He’s looking at 40…”
  • “Old man ajusshi…”


No one can deny, however, that their love story sounds like a drama in itself! Suzy had once revealed on the variety show Strong Heart that her ideal type was Lee Dong Wook and had even given him a caricature that she drew herself as a gift.


Suzy also mentioned Lee Dong Wook on the program Win Win where she appeared with Yoo In Na to surprise IU.

IU bragged to me that Lee Dong Wook chose her as his ideal type. She kept asking me if I was jealous.” ㅡ Suzy


6 years later, she is dating the man she indicated was her ideal type! What a romantic love story!

Source: Insight and eToday