Here’s Everything You Probably Missed In Seungri’s Surprisingly Political “Where R U From” MV

Seungri the great, indeed!

Seungri just released a music video from his latest album, The Great Seungri, and it’s as great as you would expect. Where “1,2,3!” had some old school vibes, “Where R U From” took on a much more recent event. In a parody of the U.S and North Korea summit, Seungri takes on the political event and adds his own ingenious flair to it! With so many great scenes and hilarious references you probably missed something! So see if you noticed all of these great moments!


1. Seungri’s shameless promotion of his song

The video starts off with the breaking news of representatives from different countries arriving for a conference. But hidden among the updates is one very true message, “This album is awesome: Listen to this song!


2. Seungri strikes again

His album isn’t called The Great Seungri for nothing! In a few scenes, you can see Seungri and some of his dancers reading this special edition of TIME magazine. And of course, the feature is “The Great Seungtsby: Seungri hopes to bring glory to South Korea” written by YG Entertainment!


3. Knight in shining armor

Although it’s pretty quick, you can see the immediate effect Seungri has on the crowd of protesters. His presence immediately seems to calm them down. Plus you have the sun shining behind him giving him a whole different aesthetic and kind of looks like when the sheriff rides into town in an old western film!


Or, you know, it might be a reference to this iconic interview!


4. WINNER stan

His shirt may be mostly covered up by the breaking news banner but we’re pretty sure that’s a WINNER shirt he’s got on!


5. How the world views Seungri

When the video first starts there are a ton of protesters who are definitely not a fan of the “summit.”


But after Seungri makes his appearance, the people, police, and the signs all show something very different. Seungri sure knows how to make people happy!


6. This reference

The sign which reads, “Dark circle made a peace” may be a reference to his dark circles when he first debuted. It might also be a reference to “Bae Bae” or even G-Dragon‘s PEACEMINUSONE line!


7.  Special guests Sam Okyere and Daniel Lindermann

The popular television personalities make a very special appearance in the video!


And bust out some of their own unique moves!


8. G-Dragon is that you?

Wearing the iconic G-Dragon “Fantastic Baby” style, Yoo Byung Jae makes his own appearance in the video!


9. G-Dragon strikes again

Speaking of G-Dragon, Mino‘s look in the MV has a very GD feel. Just look at that fuzzy coat!


10. And another G-Dragon reference

It seems like Seungri really pulled out all the stops to poke some fun at his leader. During one part of Mino’s rap he says the line, “지용이 형이 없으니, follow me yeah” which translates to “Jiyong hyung is not here so follow me yeah“.


11. BLACKPINK stan

Then we have these scenes that show Seungri is a BLACKPINK stan.


He totally recreated Lisa‘s color throw in “DDU-DU DDU DU”!


He definitely showed some love for his fellow YG Entertainment group!


12. All around the world

On a more political note, Seungri included a lot of different representations of leaders around the world. And to top it off, he’s marking his place as YGX CEO!


13. DMZ

Continuing with the political theme, Seungri is dressed as a South Korean border soldier and Mino is dressed as a North Korean Soldier. The two meet up in the middle and that’s when things start to get pumped at the meeting.


14. Dancing machine

And in case you needed any more reason to love this MV, here’s a clip of Kim Jong Un’s character dancing!


And one more for good measure!


15. “Where R U From”

This one scene with Daniel Linderman standing in front of a blackboard is actually pretty cool. The seven different languages represented there actually all say the same thing. Hint, it’s the name of the song!


16. He turns up the heat…literally

First, let’s appreciate the fact that Seungri incorporated his DJ role into the music video. Now let’s marvel at him literally turning up the heat! To make it even better it corresponds to the lyrics “The temperature tonight is 40 and rising.”


17. Love shot

If you blinked you may have missed this love shot between Kim Jong Un’s character and Donald Trump’s character!


But if you caught the close-up, you might not have noticed that they actually did it twice!


18. Dance remix

Does this dance look familiar? Well, it should! It’s actually the same dance he made during his remix at the 2012 ALIVE concert. It’s his famous shuffle dance that his hyungs used to make fun of!


19. Yawn

Then we have this scene with Seungri opening his mouth nice and wide.


Which is just him poking fun at himself and referencing this hilarious tweet!


20. Panda

Seungri was not shy at all about referencing his panda nickname. Besides his dark circle reference above, he also included lots more, like this breaking news from Panda TV!


Or the bamboo…


Lots and lots of bamboo!


And of course, closing it out with this dapper panda-esque coat!


Check out the video below to see all of these moments and more!