Here’s What EXO Xiumin’s Super Luxurious Apartment Looks Like

A luxurious castle fit for a king!

The interior design company that worked on EXO Xiumin‘s apartment revealed photos of their work online! They introduced the apartment to have a “black and white” theme that features “modern yet homey” feel! As soon as you walk into the apartment, you’re invited to a long hallway laid out in white marble flooring and a unique half-arch ceiling.

The kitchen can be found right on your left-hand side, where the company used three-glass-pane doors to create a more open look.

The kitchen is decorated in shades of gray with a big TV hanging from the wall to keep you entertained as you cook!

The kitchen features an open wall that connects to the dining room.

The dining room is small and neatly decorated with ample shelving for all of Xiumin’s trophies and collectibles!

The dining area is connected to his living room which features a huge TV and a comfy blue couch that acts as the centerpiece for the whole room!

The living room has more than enough natural lighting with two floor-to-ceiling windows.

The wide open space of the apartment is perfect for inviting guests, friends, members or family!

After some entertaining in the living room, Xiumin’s apartment also accommodates for his guests over night!

Down the other hallway, there’s a small guest room for his visitors.

The decorating continues on with the same minimalistic and modern design.

A bathroom is across the hall with unique features that make you wonder if you’re at home or a museum!

The last room in the house is Xiumin’s master bedroom.

The bedroom features a wall-mounted TV with a gas fireplace underneath for a homey feel after a long day of schedules!

He has his own bathroom that features a wide bathtub for a nice deep soak to relax his ever working muscles.

And it’s directly linked to his big, open closet space that’s perfect for all of his outfits!

A luxurious castle perfect for a King! Although he is currently serving in the military, he is expected to greet fans again soon, as his discharge date is tentatively scheduled for December 6, 2020.