Here’s Why EXO’s Sehun Absolutely Hated Being Suho’s Roommate

The members of EXO have gone a long way since their trainee days… 

But Sehun still remembers what it feels like to be roommates with the group’s leader, Suho. 

The confession was revealed through a recent guest appearance on Hello Counsellor

“Me and Suho shared a room together for five years. But when he eats something, he puts his food or peels right next to the bed. He doesn’t get rid of it as well.” 

-EXO’s Sehun 

When asked if Sehun also cleans up after his own rubbish, he also responded, “I don’t take it out either.”

Apparently, the situation got so out of hand, they decided to split their own spaces in their dormitories. 

After being roommates for five years, however, they decided to part ways. 

A room became available in their dormitory and Suho decided to move out. 


Source: TVDaily