Here’s Why EXO’s Sehun Volunteers At An Orphanage Every Year On Children’s Day

Sehun the quiet angel.

Unlike his sharp and cold visuals, EXO’s maknae Sehun is a boy with a warm heart that hopes to spread happiness and love to the world.

Posts online revealed that Sehun visited an orphanage once again this year for Children’s Day as he has always done in previous years. Photos also showed that Suho visited the orphanage with Sehun this year. Below are their autographs:

Sehun once revealed that he wanted to help children any chance he had, which is why he has been an avid volunteer at the orphanage every year. Besides visiting the orphanage, he is also known for volunteering in many other places as well.

I had the opportunity to visit an orphanage with the members and help clean and play with the children. I was sad because the younger the child is the more they like you and hold onto you. But at the same time I was happy so I tried my best to have a fun time with them. Moving forward, I hope to help more children when the opportunity arises. There is nothing children can do by themselves unless we help them. I want to help them not lose hope and buy them yummy things to eat.

An official from the orphanage revealed through a phone call that this was not the first time Sehun had come to their orphanage.

This is not his first time here. He comes over any time he’s free to hang out with the children. Because of this, the children are always anticipating his next visit. Sehun always extends a helping hand even before we ask for help. In times like this where it’s hard to find a lending hand, Sehun has been a true support system to the children.

Below are photos of him at the orphanage from this year.

This clip is from last year on Children’s Day of Sehun dancing to “Love Shot.”

Fans of Sehun know that he has always been the type to do volunteer work quietly, even asking reporters to not write about his volunteering contributions. Sehun is truly a silent angel that continues to spread his love and warmth to all parts of the world.