Here’s The Extremely Burdensome Journey Tzuyu Had To Go Through To Become A TWICE Member

Tzuyu ran into many difficulties pre-debut.

All the members of TWICE had unique roads to debuting, but Tzuyu‘s is quite interesting. A YouTube channel by the name of “Ping Gies” took a brief look at Tzuyu’s journey to debuting, and found that is was an extremely stressful and burdensome one. During SIXTEEN, which is the show that created TWICE, Tzuyu had a lot of confidence issues about her singing and dancing. It got to the point where Tzuyu thought that the other trainees looked down on her.

Tzuyu’s confidence was something that she struggled with during the entirety of SIXTEEN.

Throughout the show, Tzuyu would get a mixture of praises and critiques, which hindered her confidence quite a bit.

Despite all these issues, Tzuyu understood her limitations and strived to improve herself.

However, it wasn’t just Tzuyu’s singing that got critiqued, as she faced criticism from Park Jin Young multiple times.

Throughout SIXTEEN, Tzuyu was praised constantly for her looks, but she never let that get to her head. She would practice constantly to improve her skills and confidence, which warmed the hearts of many.

Here is the full video below!