Here’s A First Look At JYP Entertainment’s Nearly-Completed New Building

The building has been in the works for over a year.

JYP Entertainment has been using the same building since 2002. It’s where many of their artists have grown and become what they are now, but change has been on the horizon for the company for a while now.

The old building always showcased giant posters of the talent housed in the building.


In 2017, the company announced that they would be moving their headquarters to a much larger building.


The building is located in the Gangdong district of Seoul and in 2017, was worth an estimated $18,000,000!


The building has a grand total of 14 floors and boasts over 76,000 square feet worth of space for the entertainment company and their idols to use.

The size of the building is roughly equivalent to 100 average Korean apartment units!


JYP Entertainment also bought the entire parking structure located behind the building as well.


The building was bought a year ago and has been going through renovations to make it the best space possible for the ever growing company.


Recently fans have noticed that the company’s “JYP” logo has officially been added to the building!


With that, it looks like JYP Entertainment will be officially moving to their newly renovated building very soon!

Source: Dispatch, MLBPARK and theqoo