Here’s Why Foreigners Should Be Aware Of Shady K-Pop Agencies, As Exposed By A Korean

A former foreign trainee also cautioned that anyone interested in becoming an entertainer in Korea should do their research.

Jina Kim is a Korean vlogger who is currently doing a true horror storytime series on her channel. Previously, she shared the trouble a viewer went through when his wife was catfished by “Ji Chang Wook” — and while that was a doozy, this one will definitely make you think twice about auditioning for an agency!

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This time, Jina’s viewer reached out to her about a suspicious K-Pop entertainment company who wanted to recruit them.

For some reason, K-Pop entertainment companies like foreign members. There should be at least one.

— Jina

Jina explained that by including foreign members, it’s easier for groups to build a fanbase overseas.

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While there are the three big agencies — SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment. With that being said, there are many smaller companies around, including Big Hit Entertainment, which is now a major player thanks to BTS!

Source: itsjinakim/YouTube

Digressing, Jina’s viewer said that there was a company (which shall remain unnamed for legal purposes) who tried to recruit them and she wasn’t certain whether it was a scam — or not. After some investigation on her part, Jina uncovered that the company only wanted foreign trainees, which was a red flag.

Why only foreigners?


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While Jina thought it was positive that the company had a presence online and on social media, her viewer laid out reasons she felt the company was sketchy.

First: The CEO does not appear in any business websites. LinkedIn or Korean websites, just anywhere, you cannot get any information about the CEO. Number two: The images used on their website to promote their audition or their business, they’re all stock images. And, number three: There’s only one person who has had their face revealed online as a staff and that’s the CEO.

—Jina’s viewer

While in this case, overall, Jina felt good vibes about this company, particularly because smaller companies wouldn’t be able to manage every aspect of their online and social presence. She shared that she previously worked for several small entertainment companies/agencies, but so she can identify sketchy people immediately.

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She warns her viewers that there are many companies that want to be in the entertainment industry, and many small companies don’t know how to write contracts and take care of their trainees. To be clear, she’s not knocking all small companies, after all, Big Hit Entertainment used to be small once upon a time. But, she does want people to be taken advantage of by bad companies and bad people.

Interestingly enough, Kiya Boyd, a former K-Pop trainee from Detroit, Michigan shared her experience in the comment section of Jina’s video, saying that she hopes people who are watching the video will take heed of Jina’s warning and be cautious when looking for entertainment company’s in Korea.

Source: itsjinakim/YouTube

You’ll have to watch the whole video below if you want more deets, and it’s certainly worth watching!