Here’s The Genius Way TWICE’s Momo And Sana Snuck Food Into The Dorms As Trainees

They’re so smart and sneaky!

As trainees, the TWICE members were on strict diets, but they came up with sneaky ways to get the foods they wanted!


Momo and Sana loved jokbal, a traditional Korean dish of pig trotters braised in soy sauce and spices, as trainees, but they weren’t allowed to have it because of their strict diets.

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There was a CCTV camera in front of the dorm, so Momo and Sana couldn’t order jokbal. If they did, the camera would catch them, and their managers would know that they were eating foods they weren’t allowed to eat.

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On an episode of TWICE Private Life, Momo and Sana revealed how they snuck jokbal into the dorm.

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Momo and Sana ordered jokbal delivery, but they didn’t let the delivery person in the building and they didn’t go outside to meet them. Instead, they met the delivery person at their window, and they sent the money to the delivery person by tying cash to a shoelace.

Then, the delivery person sent the food up to Sana and Momo by tying it to the shoelace.

Thanks to their genius trick, the two were able to enjoy jokbal!

Unfortunately, Momo and Sana ended up getting caught anyway. Although they put so much effort into sneaking the food into the dorm, they left a piece of lettuce on the floor, and their manager spotted it. To get out of trouble, they pretended that they didn’t speak Korean well and acted as if they didn’t know they weren’t allowed to eat jokbal.

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Thankfully, the members can eat what they want now, and Momo and Sana are free to have jokbal delivered whenever they want!

Check out the TWICE Private Life clip below.