Here’s Why (G)I-DLE’s Minnie & Yuqi Won’t Give Up Their Signature Hairstyles

No one pulls off these styles like they do.

It’s typical for K-Pop idols to switch up their hair with each comeback, but many of the (G)I-DLE members bring back the same styles through multiple eras. Minnie for example, rocked thick bangs for debut song “Latata”, “Uh Oh”, “Lion”, “Oh My God”, and “Dumdi Dumdi”. Yuqi‘s curly perm, meanwhile, makes an appearance just as often. But just why do these two stars keep coming back to the same hair look? Image consultant Choi Si Wan explains all.

| Cube Entertainment


Bangs can be hit or miss. Almost every female K-Pop idol has tried them, but according to fans, not everyone suits having their forehead covered. For Minnie, however, it only adds to her exotic visual explosion. According to Choi Si Wan, dark full bangs can “ruin [an idol’s] entire style“, but they make Minnie look “gorgeous“.

The image consultant explained that Minnie has a curved and cute facial shape with round facial features. However, she also has deep, heavy-lidded eyes that give a completely contrasting impression. The reason Minnie loves full bangs so much is that they “maximize the attraction” of those eyes.

Dark and full bangs bring high contrast to her light complexion, making her features stand out more. And, since her bangs usually extend past her eyebrows, her cat-like eyes become the focus. This amplifies her charisma, making her one of the most alluring idols on stage and screen.


The “hippie perm”—an 80s look with voluminous curls—is another style many people can’t pull off. That said, the style looks like it was made for Yuqi. Many fans have assumed Yuqi’s natural hair is curly, but she’s posted numerous childhood photos in the past, and all of them show her with straight hair. Instead, it’s more likely that she sticks with the hippie perm because it suits her so well, as Choi Si Wan explains.

The image consultant said “stan-attracting fairy” Yuqi’s face is “optimized for cuteness“. Her features are all plump or round, from her lips to the shape of her face. But while this can make an idol look adorable, it can also make them look stifled or wide—if they don’t choose the right hairstyle.

Adding volumes with the dense waves of a hippie perm ensures her face looks cute yet small. And, if you’ve ever noticed that Yuqi often opts for brown hair over black, that’s because the light color makes her sweet impression even brighter.

Source: Personal Image Makers TV and Personal Image Makers TV