Here’s Why Girl’s Day’s Sojin May Be The Hardest Working Idol Of All Time

Sojin has at least 14 good reasons.

On an episode of Talkmon, a reality TV show that invites guests to battle out their most interesting stories, Girl’s Day‘s Sojin shared her experiences working 14 different part-time jobs.

While she was training to debut, she worked as a flyer distributer, tutor, telemarketer, convenience store teller, sock factory employee, cocktail bartender, movie theater employee, barista, wine bartender, pub server, izakaya server, baker, sandwich shop assistant, and Korean food court server.

Sojin explained she made less than $500 USD per job, so she had to pile on more shifts and positions to be able to afford rent and bills.

She went on to talk about how packed her day used to be. She would work early morning shifts at cafés and bakeries and then she would go to her training sessions.

After she got done with training, she would work night shifts at bars and restaurants, waiting tables and serving customers.

When asked about her very first part-time job experience, Sojin said it was distributing flyers when she was in middle school. Sojin took the job because she wanted to buy new outfits. Other guests and show hosts were shocked at how independent Sojin was even at a young age.

Sojin continued to talk about her experience at the sock factory. She said the repetitious labor of putting brand label stickers on the socks made her dizzy and faint.

Sojin in purple

After tons of hard work—both training and at her many part-time jobs—Sojin debuted as a part of the 5-member group Girl’s Day in 2010.

Watch the clip of Sojin recounting her experiences below:

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