Here’s What “Gold Miss” Means In Korea — And Why It’s Actually A Positive Thing

Do you know someone who’s a “Gold Miss” in your circle of friends?

When it comes to the subject of marriage, non-Koreans can look into Korean dramas to get an idea as to what Korean people may think about it.

In most dramas, Koreans usually think of marriage as the end goal.

Just check out the final episodes of the dramas you’ve watched — most of them end up with the two leads marrying each other, right?

In real life, though, the proportion of traditional marriage in Korea is decreasing.

Along with this is the increasing number of “Gold Miss” in Korea.

And according to the Korean women interviewed by ASIAN BOSS, being a “Gold Miss” is actually a positive thing! The term means “capable women who don’t get married, but instead live independently and enjoy their lives.”

One Korean woman said that because she’s busy studying to get a doctoral degree, she may actually end up becoming a “Gold Miss”.

She may become one, if she’s past her mid-thirties and gets a stable job in the future.

It’s actually a favorable idea, since being a Gold Miss means you can enjoy your life without getting married, after all.

Another Korean woman gave her valuable insight when she mentioned that the term is a bit sexist, since older men who aren’t married aren’t called “Gold Mister”.

Finally, another Korean woman expressed her admiration for women who fall under the definition of Gold Miss.

They seem like women who are really focused on their careers.

– Korean woman interviewed by ASIAN BOSS

Gold Miss women are confident in who they are, so they can enjoy their lives on their own terms — and isn’t this something that we all should strive for, in the end?

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