Here’s How Good Looking Wonbin Used To Be When He Was 20

Pictures of Kim Won Bin in his 20s have resurfaced and everyone is in awe of how devastatingly handsome he was.

Kim Won Bin is currently known as one of best-looking actors, so you can imagine what he must have looked like as a young man!

Indeed, as a man in his twenties, Won Bin was a total heartthrob.

His first appearance on TV was on KBS’s 1997 show Propose, where he stole all the women’s hearts.

In fact, Won Bin’s flawless looks earned him the nickname “CG” because he was almost too beautiful to be real.

…And in this artsy shot with his flowing hair, forget about it!

Whether you’re into young or older Won Bin It seems this celebrity among celebrities is aging like a fine wine.