Here’s What GOT7’s Jackson Would Say To His Girlfriend If She Was Angry At Him

Jackson thinks that he’s too cheesy!

GOT7‘s Jackson might be a humorous person, but he’s quite the loving person as well, as he’s shown his sweet personality many times.

Jackson once guested on JTBC‘s Dating Alone, which is a show where male celebrities participate in “virtual dates” with female celebrities who act as their virtual lovers. When Jackson was on the show, his virtual lover was Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri.

During the episode, there was a segment where the guests had to write a letter to their angry girlfriend.

When Jackson was writing, he hesitated a bit, as he thought his letter was too cringy.

After he finished writing, Jackson was in for a surprise when he had to read his letter aloud. He initially didn’t want to read it, as he thought it was too cheesy.

However, Jackson eventually read his letter and was praised by the cast for how sweet it was. Here’s what Jackson wrote below.

Dear Yuri,

I didn’t read your handphone message purposefully because I don’t trust you. I was happy during the moments spent with you. I was worried that the happiness will disappear.

I was afraid that someone would take you away. I’m really sorry, I’m really sorry for doing that. To be honest, it’s because I don’t have the confidence, that’s why I did that. I won’t do it again.

Of course, we love each other and should trust each other when we are dating. So, I won’t get suspicious and I’ll trust everything. And please answer your phone! I’ll be worried!

You didn’t even read my message. Heung! I’m sorry, I’ll do well.

— Jackson