Here’s all the Gucci BTS wore at their AMA performance

When it comes to collaborating with a famous premium brand like Gucci, BTS is no stranger to it.

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BTS brought the house down with their rocking fashion sense during their AMAs appearance!

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V started off the intro in a decoratively embroidered corduroy jacket.

The jacket turned out to be a highly priced jacket from Gucci.

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After that, J-Hope entered in his tiger print denim jacket.

It was a Gucci special that cost about $2,615 USD.

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His stylist really went all Gucci with him, as he also wore their COCO Capitan logo shit.

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Jungkook lit up the stage with his bright jersey bomber.

The bright floral and koi carp embroidered satin bomber jacket was of course from Gucci.

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Gucci styled RM with this cute bomber jacket with puppies embedded in it.

And he looked fashionably modelesque in the jacket that cost about $3,744 USD!

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Jimin wore a Gucci jacket with flower print embeds at the front and a big tiger print at the back.

The sequin embellished bomber jacket is over $6,000 USD.

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Jin wore a simple Monaco jacket with symbolic Gucci logos embedded in it.

The jacket was well suited for his worldwide handsome face!

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A.R.M.Y is well aware of BTS’s love for the premium brand, as they have been frequently spotted wearing them all over the world!

BTS V Reigns King Of Gucci With His Newest Accessories

With their style getting better and better, even THE Vogue USA seems to have taken notice!

But BTS looks good in any and every brand! They appeared on the red carpet looking sleek in Saint Laurent suits!

And the fans were totally on board with their choice of style.

As fashion kings, BTS will definitely be modeling for some of the highest brand names in the years to come!