Here’s What Happens When You Let Koreans Fill Up A Box With As Many Snacks As They Can For One Flat Price

Koreans can be so creative…especially when it comes to unlimited food.

E-Mart has brought back their “Unlimited Snack Grab & Go” promotion!

For 23,900 KRW (~22 USD), a customer can grab all the snacks they want as long as it fits in the box provided.


The challenger cannot damage the product in any way, they cannot use tape, and they cannot place the box in a cart.

They must arrive at the cash register holding the box with their bare hands, meaning they cannot pick-up and take home any fallen snacks.


Check out the legendary challengers from last year!

This challenger seemed to make hexagon shape with a couple extras stacked on top.


It’s honestly perplexing how this guy thought of this strategy.


Apparently, there is a box under this tower.


This woman is so small, yet so strong!


Eyes are peeled to see if anyone can beat the iconic 70-Snack challenger from last year.

Truly iconic.

Source: Instiz