Here’s The Heartwarming Gift BTS’s RM Gave To A Girl He Liked In The Past

This is extremely sweet.

BTS‘s RM has always been quite open about his personal life, as he’s even talked about his past girlfriend before.

On an episode of Problematic Men, the cast members were talking about White Day, which is a day similar to Valentine’s Day.

RM was then asked about his experiences with White Day, and he revealed that he wasn’t the most charming person when he was a student.

When asked about recent experiences, RM gave a very deflecting answer.

The cast members then were more specific with their question, as they were curious about RM’s love life in the past.

RM then gave a hilarious answer regarding the people he gave gifts to on White Day.

When asked about giving a present to a person he was interested in, RM shared that he once wrote a song for a girl he liked in the past.

It seems that it wasn’t just a simple present or confession, as RM was quite sincere at the time.

RM also gave the present in a sweet way, where he just put an earphone in the girl’s ear.

Here is the full video below!