Here’s A Heartwarming Story Of How BTS’s Jin Once Helped Norazo’s Jobin Deal With An Awkward Situation

“It made me realize why BTS is so popular and loved”.

BTS‘s Jin has quite the personality, where many people know him as a jokester in BTS. There are also many times that Jin has displayed his kind and genuine personality.

Norazo‘s Jobin revealed on an episode of Happy Together, a kind gesture that Jin did for him. Jobin debuted in 2005, so he was one of the senior singers at the 2018 KBS Song Festival. During the final stage of the show, Jobin was in the back behind the other singers.

Jin was one of the hosts for the show and did a kind gesture to Jobin.

Jin approached Jobin and took him to the front of the stage.

Jobin was too shy and didn’t know what to do, but he truly appreciated Jin’s gesture.

Turns out that Jin didn’t just bring Jobin to the front of the stage, but he also encouraged Jobin to dance alongside him.

Jin also purposefully didn’t let go of Jobin because he thought Jobin would go stand in the back again.

Jobin reveals he felt awkward standing in the back, so he was extremely grateful to Jin for his thoughtful actions.

Jobin ends by giving praise to BTS and understanding why they’re so loved.

Here is the full video below!