Here’s The Heartwarming Story Of How Lee Hyori And Lee Sang Soon Got Married

The two got together for a simple reason.

Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon are one of the most iconic Korean celebrity couples, and the way they got together is extremely heartwarming.

The List took a quick look at their history and found that they first met in 2009 through Jung Jae Hyung.

However, the two originally didn’t get along with each other that well since their lifestyles were so different.

That was until they found that they both cared deeply about animal protection.

After they found this similarity, the two started working together on an album about animal protection. While working on the album, the two started developing feelings for each other and eventually became a couple.

Once the two became a couple, they started enjoying dates that focused on animal protection, such as working at volunteer centers.

After around 2 years of dating, the two got married.

After getting married, the two minimized their appearances on television, as they wanted to spend some free time as a couple.

The List also took a look at Lee Sang Soon’s qualities as a husband and found some heartwarming things. They found that Lee Sang Soon has a unique sense of humor that’s able to get Lee Hyori laughing automatically.

He’s also a protective and dedicated husband that will do anything for his wife.

Here’s the full video below!