Here’s why high school seniors shouldn’t go to Apink fan meets

Fans often sacrifice their time in order to see their favorite idols, but this Apink member believes the cost is too high.

Many fans like to interact with their favorite idols by going to their fan signs. Fan sign events allow fans to talk to their favorites celebrities, give them gifts, get their signatures, and show how much they support them.

Eunji getting ready to slap her fan’s hand as punishment for taking time away from her studies.

Since there are always so many fans that want to interact with their favorite idols at these events, fan signs are often long, time-consuming affairs for both the idols and the fans. Many high schoolers who should be in school or studying are often giving up their time just to attend these events.

Eunji jokingly aims a punch towards a fan. Even with her disapproval, she makes the situation humorous every time.

High schoolers who sacrifice their time to attend one of Apink’s events all receive the same treatment Apink’s Eunji, who is known for light-heartedly scolding high schoolers who come to see them. Although Eunji loves meeting her fans, she does not like the fact that students are sacrificing their studies and school time just to meet her.

Check out some of the times Eunji has scolded her fans:

Eunji yelling at one of her high school fans.

Eunji playfully shakes her fan’s hand vigorously.