Here’s How Intense Kim Jong Kook’s Workout Session Really Is

“Who needs the club, when you can go to the health club!”

There’s a reason why Running Man‘s Kim Jong Kook is known as Kim Geun Yook (Muscle Kim) amongst his peers and fans. On the most recent episode of My Ugly Duckling, viewers got another view of just how serious Kim Jong Kook is about his health.


First, he demonstrated his strength by lifting 45 kg (approximately 99 lbs) weights singlehandedly in each hand.


Then he demonstrated his strength by lifting 50 kg (approximately 110 lbs) weights singlehandedly in each hand! All of the guests on the show could not believe what they were seeing!


Just when they thought things couldn’t get crazier, Kim Jong Kook showed his massive strength by lifting 210 kg (approximately 462 lbs) having guests shockingly remark that he is not human.


There is a reason, though, why Kim Jong Kook takes extra care of his body to the point where he is called crazy. He revealed that when he was in high school, he suffered from terrible back pain.

“There were times I couldn’t get off the bus when I was in high school because my lower back was in so much pain. It happened to me about 3 times. I had to walk home from the last bus stop.” — Kim Jong Kook


He revealed that after going to the hospital the doctor advised him to go to the gym and, once he started working out, the pain subsided. The more he worked out, the more the pain would subside, so he naturally started to work out to get rid of the lower back pain.

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“I’ve had this spine since high school. People always ask me how I work out with this spine.. I just tell them I do..cos i gotta make something to support my curved spine. #NeverComplained losers always look for excuses not to believe. They don’t wanna believe. Cmon plz do what you want to do. Anything is possible if u try ur best no matter ur weakness. #Motivation#BPositive #ImpossibleIsNothing”


Kim Jong Kook continued to confess that he’s fully recovered now and that he exercises out of habit. 

In fact, I’ve been beyond the level of rehabilitation. I need to reduce the amount I exercise, but I feel anxious when I don’t. It’s hard for me to stop exercising when in my gut I feel that my sickness can return anytime. — Kim Jong Kook


Watch Kim Jong Kook’s incredible strength below: