Here’s What The Inside Of JYP and SM Entertainment Really Look Like

Check out JYP Entertainment’s organic cafeteria, SM Entertainment’s dance studio, and more!

Imagine having the power to walk into JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment with a camera, and be let into all the VIP areas.


That’s the life that g.o.d.‘s Joon lives! On his popular YouTube series Wassup Man, he set out on a tour of the 3 big entertainment buildings in Korea.


Although the producers called ahead and were told they wouldn’t be allowed to film at JYP Entertainment, Joon and the team were able to enter when they arrived on the day of.


It may have to do with the fact that he’s best friends with all the executives!


First, Joon headed to the “JYP Music Factory” floor and knocked on the CEO’s door.


His friend “Wookie” aka CEO Jung Wook, ran out of the office but they were greeted by singer Kim Jong Jin who was visiting.


They heard that the organic food in the cafeteria was provided at a subsidized cost for staff, and given for free to the trainees.


The cafeteria is called “JYP BOB” a play on the Korean word “jib-bap” or “home-cooked meal”.


There are side dishes packed with organic veggies and protein, but no dishes with meat!


The interior has a lot of earthy tones, while remaining modern and there is plenty of light as well.


He also met Changbin and Hyunjin of Stray Kids by chance, who were also having lunch!


Overall, it cost only 4,000 KRW (~$3.60 USD) to get a full meal at the cafeteria. Apparently, it is worth 15,000 KRW ($13.40 USD) because it is organic!


Joon also hit up “Soul Cup”, the JYP cafe that is open to the public.


He tried the ice cream that was highly recommended by TWICE.


After JYP Entertainment, he headed to the SM Communication Centre and the first thing he tried was… the ice cream!


He also found out that rather than a cafeteria, the SM Communication Centre runs an open-to-the-public restaurant as well!


He also noticed a separate dining area with a folding wall, resembling a spa.


When he looked behind it, Red Velvet was enjoying their lunch as well!


After chatting and enjoying the restaurant’s food, they headed off to a special tour of the Communication Centre led by Red Velvet themselves.

They showed off what the practice room we all know and love looks like, from the inside.


We usually only get to see it from this angle!


He even got to sit on the couch that the artists rest on when taking a break from practicing!


Red Velvet then took him through a door that leads to the public SUM Market, where you can buy SM Entertainment artists goods and themed snacks!

The girls gifted him with a Red Velvet portable fan too.


Since Joon didn’t have any connections at YG Entertainment, he decided to head to Big Hit Entertainment.


g.o.d. and JYP worked with Big Hit founder Bang Sihyuk for a long time. Joon was stopped at the door by the guard, and told he could only meet Bang PD if he had an appointment.


Unfortunately, Bang Sihyuk wasn’t able to pick up the phone!


Jimin previously mentioned he saw the episode and wanted to be on the show, so hopefully there will be an official Big Hit tour with Joon soon.


Watch the full episode here!