Here’s What The Inside Of The Mysterious Artist Vans Look Like

This luxury van will make you jealous.

SM Entertainment has offered sneak peek at their luxurious new Hyundai project: a customized “moving hotel” for artists who spend days, weeks, sometimes even months, on the road.


Whether it’s a variety show appearance or a concert tour, busy artists like EXO‘s Kai are always on the move. So much travel time is exhausting but necessary, so how can SM Entertainment make their artists feel more at home on the road?


Enter the SOLATI Moving Hotel, a luxury vehicle based on Hyundai’s Solati Limousine.

Hyundai’s Solati Limousine


SM has redesigned the van with their artists’ needs in mind. In the early development stages, they interviewed singers, actresses, and actors to see what their ideal ‘moving hotel’ would feature.


No more sleeping upright! The SOLATI’s seats can recline up to 165 degrees, making them feel like a real bed. The seats’ 90 degree rotation will help artists to learn songs and scripts while traveling.


Fancy seats are just the tip of the iceberg though. This van has everything from makeup tools, to a detachable mirror, to a lighting control system, to a mini refrigerator, so that the artists can get dolled up and fed while traveling between events. This makes the SOLATI is a dream come true for artists and their staff members too!


Source: Korea Biz