Here’s The Interesting First Impression GOT7’s Jinyoung Left On Jackson

Jinyoung is embarrassed to even talk about this.

GOT7‘s Jackson is quite a jokester, as he’s known as the mood maker in the group.

Jackson also once revealed the hilarious first impressions he had about Jinyoung when he first came to Korea. It begins with Jackson giving some small details at first.

Jinyoung immediately reacted, as he didn’t want Jackson to reveal any more details.

This only prompted Jackson to want to tell the story more, so he began telling his story. On Jackson’s first day in Korea, he remembers seeing a very handsome person in front of the JYP Entertainment building.

Jackson was curious about who this person was, so he asked a staff member. The person Jackson was referring to was Jinyoung, and they tried to get close to each other the first day they met.

While they were eating, Jackson recalls there was a weird disturbance in the room.

The reason there was a disturbance was that Jinyoung was popping while he was eating. This shocked Jackson, and he still remembers it to this day.

Here is the full video below!