Here’s How IU Felt When She Was Scammed By A Dishonest “Fan” Who Asked Her For Money

IU’s reaction to being scammed is truly heartbreaking.

Fans of IU know how kindhearted and generous their idol is.

Her lifetime donation alone has already reached over ₩1.5 billion KRW (over $1.25 million USD) to dozens of important causes in Korea and internationally…

…so it’s no wonder a lot of people used to ask money for her, since they know how selfless IU is.

In fact, IU was scammed in the past by a person who introduced themselves as their “fan”.

IU shared this unfortunate incident in a past interview where she was asked if she knew that young people nowadays are having a hard time.

IU mentioned that she sensed a lot of the youth’s difficulties, because she was often emailed or sent a direct message on her social media platform.

When asked if she received requests for money, IU answered that she gets them a lot.

Everyone was surprised to find out about this, and IU explained further by saying that most of these requests came from people who need help in paying their tuition fees or hospital fees.

Sometimes, people even asked for her help in paying for a private loan!

When asked if she received a ton of these requests, IU said yes, she got a lot of them in the past.

The hosts were even more surprised to hear that IU actually sent money to these people, too.

After realizing that she shouldn’t have done this, IU turned off her direct message feature so no one could ask her for money anymore.

IU even recalled a time when a certain person used to ask her for money over a long period of time, so eventually, she sent them money.

Instead of thanking IU, though, this person even asked for more money to be sent to them.

IU didn’t reply anymore and she didn’t send money anymore — after a few days, when she checked the person’s account again, it was already changed, leading IU to conclude that she was scammed.

Naturally, IU got hurt because of this dishonest act.

I got hurt at that time. I thought I was a fool.

– IU

Even though IU is a good person, though, this doesn’t mean that everyone could just take advantage of her.

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