Here’s Why Jay Park’s Agency AOMG Is Being Praised As An Artists’ Paradise

It is a dream-come-true for hiphop artists.

Jay Park, who leads Korea’s hottest hip-hop label AOMG, is often praised as one of the best directors of the many artist management agencies in Korea. He once stated in an interview, “I don’t need my artists to make money, because I can make money myself.” And because Jay Park does not see his label-mates as a method of profit, but more as talent to discover and promote, AOMG has definitely become a creative paradise. Here are four reasons AOMG is truly a special place for hip-hop artists.

1. Freedom of Creation

Jay Park’s philosophy when he founded AOMG was to allow allow the artists to shine in their own colors, and still is to this day. Therefore, AOMG is known to be extremely supportive of its artists’ creative directions. Jay Park repeatedly promises his artists that he does not expect their work to bring in a profit. Such promise allows the artists to create, experiment, and ultimately become unique voices in the Korean hip-hop scene. In fact, several AOMG artists have commented how it is truly a blessing to be able to make music in such a carefree environment.

2. High Pay

Loco discussing Jay Park’s profit share policy on Happy Together

AOMG’s policy on how the label and the artists divide up the profit is actually a dream for a lot of K-Pop idols. AOMG’s rapper Loco explained on several TV shows, “AOMG is different from other agencies in that it allows the artists to take more of the profit.” Jay Park pays his artists well so that they can continue to focus on experimenting and producing work. This policy has made most AOMG artists to remain signed and loyal to the agency.

3. Active Collaborations and Promotions

Jay Park promoting Gray on Radio Star

Jay Park uses his place as a well-known K-Pop idol star to help his label artists get the right amount of hype they deserve. This shows Jay Park’s determination and dedication to discovering new Korean hip-hop talent and helping such talent grow into solid, popular artists. Jay Park is often found featuring on his label artists’ new songs and albums, and as per his plan, these collaborations often end up grabbing a lot of fans’ attention. AOMG artists love and appreciate this level of the director’s undying support!

4. Family-Level Atmosphere

Jay Park’s gold necklace gifts to AOMG family

AOMG wants everyone in the label to feel like a part of the big family that it is. Jay Park often goes out of his way to make sure that his artists feel like they belong and are included. This shows well in his actions, like when he handed out gold necklaces to all of AOMG artists and employees as gifts in 2014. Plus, AOMG artists, like Simon Dominic and Gray, are always boasting their super close friendships by constantly hanging out together and/or talking about each other on TV shows.