Here’s Just How Small Red Velvet Irene’s Waist Actually Is In Real Life

Her clothes are so small, they could be mistaken for childrens’ wear.

Red Velvet‘s Irene‘s tiny waist has been a hot topic for netizens since her debut days, and it’s easy to see why.

The majority of female idols are slender, but Irene’s waist is narrow even by idol standards.

All the Red Velvet members are stunning and slim…

…but, among them, Irene’s tiny waist stands out!

She is one of the shortest members…

…and looks like a doll next to EXO‘s Sehun!

Irene’s waist is one of the smallest parts of her already small body. In some photos, her waist appears to be the same size as her head (or smaller)!

She nearly vanishes under baggy sweaters…

…and even skirts end up looking too big for her.

When she dances, fans can’t help but stare at her gorgeous figure.

…Each time she moves her hips, she draws focus to her slender stomach.

When Irene danced on Music Core in 2015, she wore an all-white outfit consisting of a crop-top and pants, as a homage to BoA.

The baggy outfit seemed to swallow her!

Fans aren’t the only ones who have noticed Irene’s small size. When Irene appeared on Onstyle’s program Laundry Day, she revealed a cheerleader costume from Red Velvet’s debut.

The outfit was a short sports skirt paired with a thin knitted top used by Red Velvet when they promoted their debut track, “Happiness.” MCs No Hong Chul and Huh Ji Woong couldn’t get over how small her clothing was. Huh Ji Wong jokingly asked if the clothes were meant for children rather than adults…

…but they fit Irene perfectly!

This pixie-sized star just keeps getting prettier every day!

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