Here’s What JYJ Jaejoong’s Multi-Million Luxury Apartment Looks Like

Jaejoong’s home could easily be any man’s dream house!

JYJ’s Jaejoong introduced his multi-million-dollar home in Seoul on a Japanese program that was quite shocking, even for Jaejoong!


The veteran idol must be an art aficionado as his home was filled with various pieces of expensive artwork.

This piece of work, which was located right near the front door of his home is worth over $17,800 USD!

He even had Yayoi Kusama’s famous pumpkin artwork displayed in his home. The artwork is apparently worth a whopping $178,000 USD.

There was also every man’s dream, Iron Man! ($18,000 USD)

Another piece of artwork… ($27,000 USD)

A gorilla(?)…

And a $270,000 piece of artwork lying around on the floor…


The artwork didn’t stop there!

His living room was filled with home accessories as well as various artwork that added a modern flair to the all-white interior.

This horse lamp was apparently the least expensive item in the living room and it cost $7,100 USD. When lit, the cute item cast a dim light over only the horse’s head.

This stylish carpet costs over $35,000 USD.

Moreover, the ceilings were 5~6 meters high, an extreme luxury in the jam-packed metropolitan area of Seoul.


This high ceiling was possible because Jaejoong apparently owned the top 3 floors of the entire building. He even had his own elevator! Luxury at its best, without a doubt!


His kitchen was just as extravagant as his living room as well.

He not only had a kitchen island…

He had a fancy marble dining table that costs over $44,000 USD.

And the best part of the kitchen was this refrigerator that was filled with beers and drinks all aligned perfectly!


He then moved on to his bedroom area.

The entrance to his bedroom, like the rest of his home, was decorated with chic ceramics.

His huge bed was no disappointment either.

In addition, he had four bathrooms!

There was an interesting-looking step in front of the toilet, which was apparently supposed to help you go to the bathroom…

The cameraman kindly gave a demonstration.

Jaejoong also gave viewers a glimpse of what he looks like when he enjoys a bath while watching the television.


Unlike the rest of his luxury apartment, his closet had a very classic look.

His shoes and accessories were displayed in glass cabinets that made the place look like a museum!

There was also a “secret door” behind the bear, which Jaejoong said he shouldn’t reveal.

Instead, he agreed to bring out an item from behind the door.

The item he brought out was a money counter! What could possibly be behind this “secret door”?


In Jaejoong’s private garage were his collection of supercars.

The five cars added up to $1.5 million USD!

His collection included a Ferrari, a Porsche, a Rolls Royce and two Mercedes Benz!

All custom-made!


There was also a private terrace on the roof.

This is what Jaejoong would probably look like as he enjoyed a cup of morning coffee on his terrace, like a scene straight out of a movie!

The table matched with some stylish chairs looked like the perfect place to enjoy a barbecue party with friends.


Jaejoong’s dreamhouse is worth a total of $4.4 million USD!

He added that his previous home was so large that it made him too lonely, which is why he came to this smaller home!


Even netizens were shocked at the grandeur of Jaejoong’s home and couldn’t hide the jealousy.

  • “This is crazy lol I think he’s the most well-off among the three who left TVXQ…there’s no gossip surrounding him either.”
  • “I wish I had a lot of money too…”
  • “I’m envious…”
  • “??? So how much is he worth? Around $9 million?”
  • “Wow…seriously this is on another level!!”
  • “I don’t know all I can say is that I’m jealous…”
  • “Can’t believe that’s ‘smaller’ than his previous house…”
  • “I can’t believe that house is $4.4 million why does it sound so cheap lol I guess because everything inside the house is so expensive…LOL”


Many were also impressed with his modern chic interior design.

  • “It’s very fancy but not at all tacky…”
  • “It’s much better designed than his previous house…I’m so jealous ㅠㅠ”
  • “Wow…it’s more like an art exhibition than a house…every item is daebak.”
  • “Wow, I’m jealous. His house is worth looking at! The other items are more expensive than Iron Man lol The interior design is nicely done too, even though there are a lot of things in there.”
Source: The Qoo
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