Here’s How JYP Entertainment Has Changed Since TWICE Debuted

Fans are discussing how happy they are with the changes that were made to JYP Entertainment since TWICE’s debut.


Netizens are speculating that JYP Entertainment went through a huge reorganization of how they manage their artists for a positive change.


Ok Taek Yeon once tweeted about JYP Entertainment’s need for a reform, saying that there are many JYP staffs who deserve credit but are left unappreciated.


However, since TWICE’s debut, many things changed, which fans are welcoming with applause.


Now, JYP Entertainment positively responses to fans’ feedback and requests.


For example, TWICE’s debut album cover was changed through fans’ feedback, and “Shy Shy Shy” choreography was also changed because fans requested.


In addition, JYP artists have shorter vacuum periods, with much-improved fan services and fan goods.


Now, album releases are much more frequent, and artists are given more chance to communicate with fans through various platforms.


For example, Day6 has been releasing a new album every month and TWICE has their Japanese album and a repackaged album of “Likey” coming soon.


JYP Entertainment is also complemented for supporting their trainees by creating TV shows like Stray Kids, help them release mixtapes, do concerts, and support them become musicians who are able to write, compose, and produce their own music and choreography.


Netizens are very satisfied that their voices are heard by JYP Entertainment and are hopeful for further changes to be made in the future.