Here’s The Kiss Scene That BTS’s Jungkook Wants To Experience At Least Once In His Life — And It’s Totally Unexpected

Who knew BTS’s “golden maknae” has some cute aspirations, too? Who volunteers as tribute?

When it comes to his overall personality, ARMYs know that BTS‘s Jungkook has an introverted nature.

Like his hyungSuga, Jungkook also prefers to hang out by himself when he’s feeling a bit overwhelmed so he can feel refreshed while regaining his energy.

When it comes to expressing his ideal type, though, Jungkook is surprisingly bold, as he has mentioned the name of IU whenever he’s asked about it.

And it seems like his ideal type isn’t the only thing he’s bold about.

He’s actually quite bold as well when it comes to his imaginary dating life!

During one of their interviews when Jungkook was asked if there are any scenes in a movie that he wants to experience in real life…

…this is what he answered:

In a movie called ‘반창꼬(Love 911)’, there is a scene where the movie character lifts up his girl with both hands and kisses her. I want to experience that at least once before I die.

— Jungkook

Now, hearing about Jungkook’s answer made you a bit curious since he was so detailed about it, right?

So instead of researching about what kind of “kissing scene” he was talking about, here’s exactly what happened in that movie.

After the male lead carried the female lead, they kissed each other passionately…

…on the road, in public, even though there were a lot of people watching them.

Some ARMYs even injected humor into the conversation by saying that the scene Jungkook was talking about reminded them of the time Jungkook carried Suga in one of their travels.

This is definitely adorable of Jungkook, since fans didn’t know that K-Pop idols like to fantasize about their ideal dating lives, too.

Well, since Jungkook deserves to have his privacy, fans will never know if he has or has not achieved this feat.