Here’s Everything We Know About TWICE’s Comeback Preparations

Their comeback is only days away!

TWICE‘s comeback is just days away – but for those impatient ONCEs, here’s everything we know about their preparations so far!


The album, “Summer Nights”, will be their second special album and feature a summer concept with the title track “Dance The Night Away”.


The MV to “Dance The Night Away” was filmed in Okinawa, Japan, and promotional images show the girls sprawled in the sand on what looks like a nice summer night.

The album will drop on July 9 at 6pm KST!


The track was produced by some big names in international music, written by Wheesung and composed and arranged by Swedish track writers and producers Moonshine and Swedish DJ, artist, singer, and songwriter Cazzi Opeia.

The track list will include two new (unknown) songs and “Dance The Night Away”, as well as previous hits “What Is Love?”, “Sweet Talker”, “Ho!”, “Dejavu”, “Say Yes”, and “Stuck”.


A recent preview showed TWICE has already filmed Idol Room as part of comeback promotions – and they show their sexy and sweet sides!

The hosts point out that Chaeyoung is no longer a child… and they all perform sexy dances!


The girls are known for their spoilers – and they haven’t disappointed! Jihyo spoke about filming their MV in Japan, saying it was super hot because it was summer there.


And Jeongyeon also showed off some dance moves, specifically saying it was a spoiler for their comeback!


Jihyo slipped that this concept is their “sexiest yet” and “showed a lot of skin”!


She was also seen dancing some hula dance moves, which would certainly fit in with their summer theme… and Dahyun quickly tried to stop her, suggesting it really was a spoiler!


Not only that, Nayeon and Mina joined in! Plus, if you look closely, you can see Jihyo mouth the words “Dance the night away”!


And, most exciting of all, they’ve released a teaser of the title track which shows the members waking up on a beach with their baggage strewn around them and the lyric “la la la la la la la, let’s dance the night away“.


So get ready for a beach summer, fun, sexy comeback!