Here’s How Korean Teens Feel About Gay Couples

The gay rights movement has been a hot controversial topic in Korean society for many years, but this is what young Koreans have to say.

A small group of young Koreans was filmed reacting to the viral 2013 marriage proposal between two men in a Home Depot, but they weren’t told what they’d be watching.

Initially, they noticed nothing too different about the video and wondered if the whole clip was about a flashmob.

When a man showed up in a suit, holding a large heartwarming handwritten banner, the Korean teens found out what was really going on!

They were a little shocked at first to see a man proposing to another man, as Korean media tends not to air things on the subject.

The teens were especially surprised at the overwhelming show of support from the gay couple’s friends and family members.

The young Koreans went \on to discuss how beautiful it was to see them celebrating love without any boundaries.

They wondered if they were gay, how their family would react and wondered if the Korean society would soon change its conservative opinion on same-sex couples.

In the end, the teens seemed to embody a progressive mentality of acceptance that isn’t often seen in Korean society—there is hope, after all, it seems.

Watch the full clip of their reaction below:

Source: Dispatch