Here’s How Koreans Really Feel About K-Dramas

Lots of mixed answers regarding K-Dramas!

K-Dramas are one of the most iconic parts of South Korea, as many people worldwide start getting to know Korean culture through it. Yet, do Korean people enjoy K-Dramas as much as international fans? A YouTube channel by the name of “Asian Boss” interviewed a few Koreans on their thoughts regarding K-Dramas. The interviewees gave a wide range of answers when asked about how frequently they watched K-Dramas.

A lot of people also thought that K-Dramas were more popular among females than males.

A possible reason is due to how a lot of the male characters in K-Dramas are portrayed as these “perfect” people.

When asked about what makes K-Dramas so popular, many thought it was due to how each episode finishes on a cliffhanger, so you get hooked on watching the next episode. Another possible reason is due to some of the shock elements added to a lot of K-Dramas.

Love is a common theme seen in nearly every K-Drama. It doesn’t matter what genre the K-Drama is, elements of love will always be present.

Interviewees also thought the unrealistic elements of K-Dramas can be appealing.

Some examples were even given, such as the cliché in K-Dramas, where an extremely rich guy falls in love with someone poor.

K-Dramas also seem to influence viewers, as some males even try to imitate the behavior of these unrealistic male characters.

When asked about the global popularity of K-Dramas, there were some mixed answers. Some viewed K-Dramas as being very popular worldwide.

While others thought it’s a bit of an exaggeration by Koreans.

When asked if people from overseas should expect people in Korea to be like the characters seen in K-Dramas, many just laughed.

There is more in the full video below!