Here’s Why Some Koreans Have Small Holes Beside Their Ears

No, it’s not an old ear piercing.

Do you have this hole above your ear or know anyone who does?

Almost 1 in 50 Koreans (1.9%) do!

It’s more common to be found on the right side of the ear and is 61% more commonly found in females. Although there are people who have the hole on both sides of the ear, over 50% have it on only one side.

Don’t worry, this is a harmless congenital disorder that’s been studied by ear specialists since 1864. It’s called a preauricular sinus and, while they look like holes, they are often times just dimples or dents.

Sometimes bacteria can get trapped in these holes, which can lead to an infection, but antibiotics usually work well as a cure. Preauricular sinuses form during fetal development, and experts still aren’t sure why some have it while others don’t.

Some cultures think that those who have these holes will be wealthy! One expert also thinks they might be an “evolutionary remnant of fish gills”!

It’s also hereditary, so if you have it, your kids probably will too.

This condition is found in different rates in different parts of the world. It’s rarer to see in America and the UK (under 1%!) but more common in Taiwan (2.5%) and South America (4-10%). Do you have one?

Source: Daum