Here’s Why K-Pop Girls All Started Calling This Male Idol “Condom”

Actors Son Hyun Joo and Go Chang Suk, and singer BoA appeared on an episode of tVN’s Life Bar where they talked a little bit about industry nicknames. Son Hyun Joo revealed that his nickname is “Prostate Son” because he often talks about prostates. Heechul then chimed in revealing that his industry nickname is “Condom”.

Heechul explained that he has a reputation in the industry for being “safe”.


MC Shin Dong Hyup added in, “He safely escorts all the female celebrities after drinking. So we call him ‘Condom Kim’.”


Quietly listening carefully to the conversation, BoA suddenly remarked, “Then, who is the girl that you got in a taxi with at Yeouido?” throwing Heechul off guard and bringing laughter to the studio.


A flustered Heechul replied, “You mean my manager?” And then remarked, “This is why I don’t like it when people from the same label are on the show” filling the studio with even more laughter.