Here’s Lee Jong Suk’s Phobia That Makes Him Sweat Bullets

One time, Lee Jong Suk didn’t go to the bathroom for 12 hours due to this.

The List took a quick look at Lee Jong Suk‘s life and found that he tends to sweat a lot.

Whenever Lee Jong Suk has a press conference, he is always seen wiping off his sweat.

That’s not all, as Lee Jong Suk has shown off other nervous tendencies.

During a press conference, he had to grab Park Bo Young‘s clothes due to how nervous he was.

Even when he won his first daesang, he still couldn’t help but show his nervousness.

The reason for all this is that Lee Jong Suk has a phobia of attention.

Specifically, Lee Jong Suk has Scopophobia, which is the fear of receiving attention.

Lee Jong Suk immediately turns red whenever a couple of people pay attention to him.

In one instance, he couldn’t even go to the bathroom for 12 hours due to how nervous he was.

All of this began from an early age, as his phobia took quite a large toll on his early school life.

Thankfully, Lee Jong Suk was able to find a way to deal with the problem when it came to acting.

Here is the full video below!