Here’s Why Lee Kwang Soo Is One Of The Most Beloved Celebrities In Korea

These stories may cause some tears.

Lee Kwang Soo has gained massive popularity since he became a cast member on Running Man, as he even has the nickname Prince of Asia.

While many love Lee Kwang Soo for his funny personality, there’s another reason why he’s one of the most beloved celebrities in Korea.

The List took a look at why Lee Kwang Soo is so beloved and found that it’s because of his extremely kind personality!

Many other celebrities have been vocal about how great Lee Kwang Soo’s personality is.

His kind personality has also been shown on camera, as he’s always being considerate of the people around him.

Lee Kwang Soo’s behavior once became a hot topic when he was seen picking up trash during a movie screening.

During his birthday, instead of receiving gifts, Lee Kwang Soo decided to give away all his gifts for children in need.

His most well-known story might be from 2009 when he did a heroic deed. While he was out, Lee Kwang Soo noticed an elderly couple badly hurt, and a drunk man next to them.

Lee Kwang Soo took action immediately and called the police. He also gave testimony to help the couple in any way he could.

The story doesn’t end there, as Lee Kwang Soo also chose to stand as a witness for the elderly couple in court, even though he was busy during the time.

Lee Kwang Soo chose to do this because he was afraid that the elderly couple might not find justice.

Here is the full video below!