Here’s What It’s Like Staying At A Manga Hotel In Japan

This one is special because they offer English versions too!

Aside from K-Pop, one of the things that are almost universally loved is, without a doubt, manga. YouTuber akidearest found a manga hotel that offers ENGLISH language manga! Yes, you read that correctly, English language manga!

As indicated above, the hotel is called The Manga Art Hotel.

Many manga hotels in Japan don’t offer English language books, but The Manga Art Hotel is different… They offer comics in both English and Japanese!

While they don’t offer all series in both English and Japanese, they do offer recommendations if you see a title you like and it isn’t available in English.

akidearest explains that she was simply looking for manga hotels to check out when she stumbled upon this one, and after a short phone call, they agreed to let her pop in to give her viewers a special tour.

She couldn’t hide her delight over how aesthetically pleasing the hotel was, in addition to their wide selection of books.

If you’re on the shorter side, they even provide ladders for guests to help reach books!

aki wasn’t sure whether you could just pop into any capsule you wanted, but she selected #501.

Each capsule offered a towel, pillow, robe, comforter and…

… pajamas! Along with hangers for you to hang things from.

In order to get to The Manga Art Hotel, you’ll have to travel by train to Ogawamachi Station, however, aki notes that Google Maps might tell you differently.

The cost to stay at the manga hotel is shockingly affordable, ranging between $15-50 (USD) a night.

There’s a “Women’s Only” section of the hotel that offers a toilet and shower.

There’s also a separate area to brush your teeth and out of consideration for other patrons, hairdryers aren’t allowed for use between midnight and 7:00 am.

There’s a separate floor with shoujo manga, which is manga with strong romantic elements for women.

For people who like to enjoy reading outdoors when the weather is nice, the hotel also offers a terrace for guests to hang out on!

aki couldn’t have been happier with the aesthetics, comfort, and variety of titles offered at the hotel, so as such, she couldn’t say enough kind things about it or recommend it highly enough.

What do you think? Would you stay in The Manga Art Hotel in Japan?