Here’s how little sleep Suzy got at the start of her career

The director of Architecture 101 revealed how much sleep Suzy was getting while filming the movie and promoting with miss A.

While Suzy was filming Architecture 101 in 2012, she had to juggle her acting career and her singing career. Since miss A was preparing to comeback with the EP, Touch, while the movie was being filmed, she would often have idol schedules all night before filming for Architecture 101 the next day, forcing her to sacrifice sleep in order to not fall behind.

Lee Yong Joo, the film’s director, revealed in an interview just how difficult it was for Suzy to handle both schedules at the same time.

“Back then, Suzy had to act in parallel to her idol group activities. She always filmed all night and came to the movie set, and so I think it stressed her out even more.”

— Lee Yong Joo

He then revealed how he tried to help Suzy, by asking the staff at JYP Entertainment to allow Suzy at least 4 hours of sleep every night.

“The only thing I could do for her was to impose one condition, so I asked JYP Entertainment to let Suzy sleep at least 4 hours every day. When Suzy slept the night before, her condition was great, and so she gave a better performance in the scenes.”

— Lee Yong Joo

Source: NTD TV