Here’s How To Look Exactly Like Red Velvet Irene Using Simple Makeup Tricks

Many YouTubers recreate the looks of idols, but K-Youtuber ROSEHA is becoming known for accurately recreating amazing looks worn by idols, and teaching her viewers exactly how!

ROSEHA has been making beauty videos for about 2 years now and has begun to update more frequently recently. Each of ROSEHA’s videos has an interesting theme and some of her most popular videos are actually inspired by famous idols!

The first idol makeup look she made was based on Red Velvet Irene’s look from when she was featured in InStyle Magazine.

ROSEHA is clearly a skilled makeup artist as the finished product looks almost identical to Irene’s look!

Her most popular idol look is actually IU, and ROSEHA does not fail to amaze her fans with the accuracy!

Interestingly, she and IU actually share the same name and the same birth year!

ROSEHA also does a Sulli’s makeup look which she states is her favorite. In the case of Sulli, unlike with the other idols’ looks, the Korean Youtuber follows Sulli’s everyday look by analyzing a variety of Sulli’s photos and synthesizing the look to be as accurate as possible.

That’s some impressive makeup art!