Here’s how these lucky fans experienced a date with Lee Min Ho

Spending a day with the handsome Lee Min Ho is every fan’s dream. 

Innisfree has made these dreams a reality with their VR experience Someday in Jeju featuring Lee Min Ho as the male protagonist.  The cosmetics company allowed fans at selected Innisfree stores to try out the VR and monitor their heartbeat throughout. From driving around in the car with him to roaming through the wilderness to frolicking in the beach, the reactions of the participants as they interact with Min Ho were quite adorable.

Lee Min Ho for Innisfree – "Someday in Jeju" Virtual Reality

OMG !!! Every fangirl's dream would come true by trying this out T_T ………………………………..Popular South Korea cosmetic brand Innisfree introduced Lee Minho's VR experience "Someday in Jeju" ~ It will be available in the Innisfree store in Gangnam, Seoul!Source: InnisFree KoreaSubtitle by Malaysian KPOP fans Please take out with credits

Posted by Malaysian KPOP fans on Sunday, September 11, 2016

Anyone who has experienced VR before can attest to the realness of the scenarios around you, so the girl’s reactions come as no surprise. Who wouldn’t blush at the thought of being able to interact with this handsome actor?

With the rate at which VR is expanding recently, it won’t be long until we could have the very first VR K-drama.

Here’s a glimpse of it would look like if it was YOU in the video.

Wouldn’t it be great if this VR experience was made available worldwide?