Here’s How Mamamoo Wheein and Hwasa Became First Friends In Middle School

Wheein and Hwasa from MAMAMOO went to the same middle school and they explained how they became friends!


Wheein began the story by saying that Hwasa was a friend overflowing with charisma and confidence.

“It was a new term and no one in the class knew each other yet. I noticed her when she just cheerfully singing by the lockers by herself.She approached me during break time and came over to my desk saying ‘Hey, do you want to be friends? I think you’re my type of person!'” – Wheein


Wheein was amazed by Hwasa’s straightforward personality and thought Hwasa was a really cool kid.

Hwasa also explained her first impression of Wheein.

“When Wheein came out and introduced herself to the class I remember her wearing a scarf over her neck and she brushed her hair over with her hand. When she did that I knew I liked her already. I thought to myself that I should become friends with her. And when we did become friends I was surprised by how compatible our personalities and hobbies were!” – Hwasa


They both hit it off quickly because of their shining personalities and have been special friends ever since.


Now the two cherish each others presence in their lives, which helped them to build up the great teamwork of MAMAMOO.


Source: Dispatch