Here’s Why MAMAMOO Will Never Lip Sync When They Perform

Here’s the reason that MAMAMOO never lip sync:

Throughout the years, many idols have had to deal with rumors that they lip sync while performing live. Many artists have devised clever ways to stop haters from saying that but there is one group who has never had to combat haters because they are well-known for not using lip sync techniques.

Since their debut in 2014, MAMAMOO has always dazzled on stage but they’ve also become known for always singing live and they revealed why that is! MAMAMOO appeared on Mnet‘s I Can See Your Voice and had to pick out which contestants were lip-synching along with someone else’s voice.

Since MAMAMOO is known for not doing it themselves, during one portion of the show the hosts asked them if they were any good at lip-synching.

When you lip sync, are you any good at it?

— Host

As soon as the question was asked, Moonbyul couldn’t help revealing the reason they became so well-known for always singing live.

Since our debut, we’ve only tried doing it once. We only did it once but we failed. Even the mic and the mic’s position didn’t match up.

— Moonbyul

Moonbyul’s words were further proved when Hwasa attempted to lip sync to “Starry Night” during the show!

At least their legendary live vocals never fail!