Here’s Why Each Member Of BLACKPINK Is Precious In Their Own Special Way

Of all the reasons to love BLACKPINK, here are four that make them who they are.

BLACKPINK‘s four beautiful and talented members each have a huge fan base, all thanks to their unique and fun personalities. With each member bringing something different to the table, when all of them are together, BLACKPINK shines like no other girl group in K-Pop.


1. Jisoo the Unnie

Jisoo, while being the oldest member of the group, is the silliest. This makes her a classic example of “Mat-nae (맏내)”, which is a combination of Korean words “Mat-unnie (맏언니, oldest sister)” and “Maknae (막내, youngest sibling)”, to mean someone who has all the traits of a youngest baby member, but is actually the oldest. Still, Jisoo comes with leadership to hold BLACKPINK together.

Jisoo’s personality really shined when the group appeared on My Little Television and she decided to troll the cooking session. She continued to eat the ingredients while the younger sister members tried to make “kimbap (김밥, rice rolls)”.

Stop eating and help!

— Lisa

Unlike her city chic and princess-like appearance, Jisoo, especially when partnered with Lisa, is the group’s comedian. She likes to have a good time, make fun of herself and others, and laugh! Fans love to see her on TV entertainment shows because her bright and fun personality flashes through the monitor.

Jisoo is also a master of balancing things on her head and shoulders. While fans have no idea what any of this could mean, they love her because she isn’t afraid to be herself behind or in front of the camera.


2. Jennie the “Human Gucci”

Set aside her talent, Jennie is one of the biggest K-Pop fashion superstars. With her beautiful face and her amazing petite shape, she looks great in anything and everything she wears. Since her Gucci outfits went viral, fans have nicknamed her the “Human Gucci”.

Jennie really slays when she is performing on stage. She can sing, rap, and dance all equally well. She has already captivated many hearts with the way she glows on stage.

Off-stage, Jennie is an adorable person all around. She has a sweet and calm personality that is best put to use when the members get too hyped up. She calms them and grounds the group down, like a good, responsible “Unnie (언니, older sister)”. She also is said to be the best chef among the members, and she cooks for them all the time. Members and fans know Jennie has a heart of gold.

Jennie has several nicknames, but “Jendeukie” is one of the more popular ones and actually describes her personality quite well. Jisoo gave Jennie this nickname because whenever Jisoo tries to wake Jennie up, Jennie becomes clingy, or “Jjindeukie (찐득이, sticky)”. Jennie is loving and needs the affection to be displayed!

Jennie’s signature “Heart Arrow” is awesome and no one can do it better than Jennie herself.


3. Lisa the Bad*ss Baby

The “Maknae (막내, youngest)” member of BLACKPINK, Lisa is bold, playful, and funny. Jennie and Rose described Lisa to have a “free spirit”. Yet, Lisa is one of the hardest working, most diligent K-Pop idol to come from Thailand.

Teamed up with Jisoo, Lisa is the comedian of the group. She even gets competitive about who is funnier, according to Jisoo. Her cutest moments, though, come from when she tries to speak in Korean. While her Korean is near perfect, thanks to her years of dedication to learning a new language, Lisa sounds adorable when she’s up for public speaking.

Lisa is a ball of optimism, but being only human, she can feel down sometimes. Jisoo mentioned when Lisa isn’t feeling too bright, she spends some alone time in her room. Regarding this, Lisa explained she doesn’t want to spread any negative vibes to other people when she’s not happy. Lisa said she is able to recover from these moods by herself with a little bit of time, because she is 100% optimistic.

On stage, Lisa turns into a confident ball of charisma. Fans love Lisa’s groove and amazing talent that she has been developing since she was a young girl.

What isn’t there to love about Lisa, but if we had to pin it down to one best thing, it would be that she is a total bad*ss maknae-on-top.


4. Rosé the Vocal Vitamin

While “shy” is the first word that members and fans think of when talking about Rosé, she is nothing of the sort once you get to know her.

If Rose was a fruit, she would most definitely be a grapefruit. With her fun, energetic personality, Rosé is the human vitamin of the group BLACKPINK. She likes to laugh at other members’ jokes and doesn’t mind when they pick on her for fun. Rosé may seem introverted at first, but she is an extrovert in disguise.

Rosé is a talented singer, with a voice that is so unique anyone can recognize it wherever it is heard. She also boasts a wide vocal range which allows her to sound great singing a whole variety of genres. She appeared on Masked Singer and wowed the audience with her stable, unique singing skills.

Rosé also plays the guitar really well and this musician side of her really enchants the fans!  She showed off her skill when she collaborated with 10cm for a performance.

Last but not least, Rosé knows how to speak “Box” – a strange trick of speaking without her mouth opening. When she showed this off on Radio Star, everyone fell in love with the silly side of Rosé.