Here’s what the members of SISTAR have been doing since they disbanded

Since SISTAR disbanded in June of 2017,  each member has been focusing on their own individual projects.

Hyolin recently announced the establishment of her own label, Bridge, which will help her to launch her career in overseas to make her a superstar.

She frequently meets with her fans when she appears as a guest on many Korean variety shows such as SBS’s Fantastic Duo.

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Bora signed a contract with Hook Entertainment and changed her official name to Yoon Bo Ra, to be considered as a serious actress.

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She also kept herself busy with an acting project when she was cast alongside Lee Seung Gi in tvN’s Hwayugi. 

Dasom is a no stranger when it comes to acting, as she has starred in many Dramas already, but since the disbandment of the group, her acting career has taken off.

Her recent performance in SBS’s Band of Sisters was praised among the critics, claiming that Dasom is transforming into a fine actress.

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Soyou remained at STARSHIP Entertainment and has been working hard on her solo album that is to feature artists like Yoon Jong Shin and Primary.

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She recently posted an Instagram posting, sharing the news that the fans will be able to see her solo album soon.

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As many fans remember her from the mega-hit collaboration “Some”  with Junggigo, Soyou recently released a single with Sung Si Kyung, called “I Still”.

While the group has disbanded, The members still get together from time to time, leaving the fans with the nostalgia of the SISTAR era.

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