Here’s How The Middle Class In Korea Live Their Lives

The middle class have such busy lives, according to the research…

The “Middle Class” in Korea, as defined by Statistics Korea (KOSTAT), makes up 65.4% of the population. An average middle class family would have around 4 members, surviving on between $1,762 ~ $5,286 per month.

A research institute surveyed 1,128 Koreans in their 30s to 50s who fit this category to create this “Average Middle Class Life” report.


The report shared that an average middle class Korean owns a 1,000+ square feet apartment.


62% of the middle class own a sedan or better, and 44% of them drive his or her own vehicle to commute to work.


More than half of the middle class work for an average 8.2 hours a day for five days a week.

This gives the middle class an average of 6.7 hours of sleep per day.


While two out of three average middle class Koreans do not have breakfast, it turned out most of them drink an average of two cups of coffee each day to get by.


For the average middle class Korean, lunch costs about $7. When dining out with family, however, the meal costs average around $65.

The report shared that an average middle class Korean family dines out about 2.3 times a month.


The middle class parents who have school-aged children spend about $380 a month as tuition for private education.


The average middle class Korean gets to spend around 1.7 hours per day with family members.

 The report also pointed out an average middle class Korean spends 97 minutes a day watching the TV, 92 minutes a day looking on the internet, and 84 minutes being on the phone.


The report covered the average middle class Korean’s leisure activities as well. An average middle class Korean would go to the movies once or less a month.


Over half the middle class population has not been outside the country on a trip in the past three years.


According to the report, it seems the average middle class Korean is hardworking and stable!

Source: Chosun