Here’s What Your Moles Say About Your Dating Fortune, According To Koreans

Depending on where your mole is on your face, it may be able to tell your dating fortune.

1. The inner corner of your eye

Fate will bring your ideal significant other to you. You are destined to meet the love of your life—no need to search!

2. Above your lips

It may be easy for you to miss your chance. Apparently, people with a mole on top of their lips tend to be talkative, so they advise you that it’s better to be safe and save your words around the one you are interested in.

3. On your lips

There is a high chance of success for you. Individuals with these types of moles are seen as foodies and are thought to feed their loved ones to their heart’s content. Asia and North America certainly have this in common, as the saying goes, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

4. Beside your nose

You are very popular amongst your friends! People with moles beside their nose will be fought after and will always have lovers coming at them.

5. Near your eyebrows

You have good luck with wealth. These people are more likely to be successful on blind dates. They are also likely to have their close friends turn into lovers.

6. On your cheek

You are very charismatic and popular. Fame follows people with moles on their cheeks and their passionate style of fighting for romance is thought to be a very attractive attribute about them.

Source: Lass