Here’s How Much BTS’s Physical Album Sales Counted For In The Entire Physical Sales Market

BTS’s sales put Big Hit in second place, just behind SM Entertainment.

In 2017, Big Hit Entertainment ranked second place in the physical sales market, just below the reigning king of the K-Pop industry, SM Entertainment, thanks to BTS‘s popularity.


Big Hit took home 18.58% of the market, or 2,690,607 sales! Their success is especially impressive, considering that BTS is one of only two active groups (BTS and a duo, Homme) under Big Hit. SM has at least ten times that many artists, under multiple subsidiaries.


SM Entertainment ranked first with 26.01%, or 3,767,226 sales. Their artists include EXOSHINee, and Girls’ Generation.


JYP Entertainment came in third place with 14.07%, or 2,038,538 sales. Their artists include TWICEGOT7, and 2PM.


YMC Entertainment arrived in fourth place with 9.36%, or 1,355,618 sales. Their artists include Wanna One and Ailee.


Pledis Entertainment claimed fifth place with 7.50%, or 1,086,485 sales. Their artists include SEVENTEENPRISTIN, and NU’EST.


YG Entertainment ranked sixth with 3.95%, or 571,540 sales. Their artists include BIGBANGBLACKPINK, and WINNER.


Starship Entertainment took home seventh place with 3.53%, or 511,790 sales. Their artists include Cosmic Girls and MONSTA X.


Around Us came in eighth with 1.84%, or 266,002 sales. This company, established by Highlight, currently only includes the Highlight members.


FAVE Entertainment placed ninth with 1.76%, or 255,330 sales. Their artists include IU and FIESTAR.


Will BTS help Big Hit to take first place in 2018? Only time will tell!


Source: Pann Nate